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I'm An Instrumentalist...

If you've only got 5 minutes...

Quite simply? It began with a love of music inherited from his mother and childhood
lessons in piano and clarinet. That love extended to Jazz and saxophone as a teen.
Self-taught on guitar and harmonica after discovering the Blues, he was integral to
the early R&B direction and sound of the Rolling Stones. As the songwriting efforts
of Jagger/Richards evolved, he continued to shape the Stones' music through the
introduction of such instruments as dulcimer, marimbas, mellotron and sitar.

Brian would walk into the studio and no matter what instrument was lying around,
even though he'd never played it before, he'd be able to knock something out of it
very, very quickly ...
Keith Richards

I've always been more interested in musical instruments than the others because
I'm an instrumentalist ...
Brian Jones

Musical Legacy

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