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A New Dimension...

If you've only got 2 minutes...

In late 1966, Brian approached Volker Schlöndorff, who was directing Brian's then-
girlfriend Anita Pallenberg in the film Mord und Totschlag (A Degree of Murder), and
asked to write the score. Working at IBC and Olympic Studios, as well as at his flat,
Brian recorded the soundtrack in February 1967 with the aid of engineer Glyn Johns,
a small orchestra led by Mike Leander, session musicians Nicky Hopkins, Kenney
Jones, and Jimmy Page, and fellow Stone Keith Richards. Using an eclectic mix of
musical genres, the film score not only demonstrates Brian's remarkable versatility
as an instrumentalist, but also a talent for composing music beyond the boundaries
of more traditional songwriting.

Brian has added a new dimension to his career by writing and producing the
soundtrack of Germany's entry in the Cannes Film Festival ...
Les Perrin

In writing and producing the track, I used a series of different groups, from one
musician to ten. I ran the gamut of line-ups from the usual bass line-up to using
violin and banjo. Mostly they were session men, but some of the group helped
out. I myself played sitar, organ, dulcimer, harmonica and harp ...
Brian Jones

Musical Legacy

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