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Gold Painted Nails

Gold Painted Nails

Twenty-three takes exist of this unfinished Keith Richards tune which dates from
the Satanic Majesties sessions in autumn 1967. Alongside the magnificent Nicky
Hopkins on organ, Brian features prominently on harmonica, demonstrating yet
again his prowess for bending those notes. The early takes find Brian still feeling
his way and he has wandered off about the time of the sixth take, prompting Keith
to ask, "Whereís Brian?"

Brian begins to find his groove, but is challenged by the opening chord sequence
and comments on his dilemma after the eleventh take: "Iím bending that one from
up there, itís very different Ė Iíve got to, to like get the note.
" By take seventeen, he
has not only found command of the notes, but loses himself in the music around
the four minute mark, producing the take's stand out moment...

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